How to use there is and there are

When to use there is and there are?

  • We use there is and there are, to say something exists.
    There is a bed in the bedroom.
  • After we say that something exists with there is and there are, we can use: it is or, they are to give more details.
    • there is a laptop on the table, It’s very useful.
    • there are some books on the table, they are not mine.
  • We often use there is and there are with: a, an, some and any.
    we use a, an, with singular, countable nouns.
    • There is not a book under the table.
    • There is an orange in the refrigerator.
    • There is a letter for you.
  • We use some and any with countable and uncountable plural nouns.
    • There is some water in the glass.
    • There are not any pens in the cup.
    • There are some people waiting.
  • We use any with questions and negative:
    • Are there any good films at the cinema? No, there are not.
    • Is there any coffee? Yes, there is.
    • There are not any boys in the class.
    • There is not any paper in the photocopier.


We use There is for singular.

And we use There are for plural.

Affirmative form of there is and there are

There is, or there are, + complement.

Negative form

There is not, or there are not, + complement.
Also, we can use: There is no, in negative.


  • There is = There’s
  • There is not = there isn’t, or, there’s not.
  • There are not, = there aren’t.

Examples of there is and there are

  • There’s a satellite dish on the roof.
  • There’s a train at 10.30.
  • There are some books on the shelf.
  • There are not any batteries in your MP3 player.
  • There are seven days in a week.
  • There are a lot of people on the bus.
  • There is a bed in my bedroom.
  • There are some chairs in the kitchen.
  • There is no sofa in the bedroom.
  • There is not a table in the kitchen.
  • There are not any chairs in the living room.
  • There’s a big tree in the garden.
  • There’s nothing on TV tonight.
  • We can’t go skiing. There isn’t any snow.
  • There are some big trees in the garden.
  • There are a lot of accidents on this road.
  • There’s a book on the table.
  • There’s a train at 11.35. It’s a fast train.
  • There’s a lot of salt in this soup.
  • There is not any money in your purse.
  • There are a lot of restaurants here.
  • There are not any plants in the classroom.
  • There is a hospital in the city center.

Question Form of there is and there are

Is or are + there + complement + ?

WH + subject + is or are there + complement + ?

Also, we can use the present simple form. (Do you? )

Short answer:

Yes, there is. No, there isn’t. or, No, there’s not

Yes, there are. No there aren’t.


  • How many players are there in a football team?
    There are 11 players in a football team.
  • Are there any good restaurants near of here?
    No, there aren’t.
  • Do you have any money?
    Yes, there’s some in my bag.
  • Excuse me, is there a hotel near here?
    Yes, there is.
  • Is there an internet connection in the room?
    Yes, there is.
  • Are there any notes in your book?
    No, there are not.
  • Is there a public phone here?
    No, it isn’t.
  • Are there any messages for me?
    Yes, there are.
  • Is there a bottle of water in your car?
    Yes, there is one.

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