Question Tags in English – with examples

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when to use Question tags in English?

  • Question Tags are used to ask someone’s opinion. If the sentence is affirmative, the question tag will be negative. If the sentence is negative, the question tag will be affirmative. In tag questions, we always use the short forms.
  • isn’t, aren’t, wasn’t, weren’t, haven’t, hasn’t, hadn’t, don’t, doesn’t, didn’t, shan’t, won’t, can’t, shouldn’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t, mayn’t, mightn’t, mustn’t etc.
  • We use pronouns like I, we, you, he, she, it, they, there (dummy pronoun).
  • We use comma (,) after the sentence and then we use question tag with question mark (?).
  • We use aren’t instead of amn’t (am not).

I am clever, aren’t I?
I am not dull, am I?

Examples of Questions Tag:

  • I’m not hungry, am I?
  • I’m not happy, am I?
  • You’re late, aren’t you?
  • It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?
  • I was ill last week, wasn’t I?
  • Sue isn’t at work today, is she?
  • It’s raining again, isn’t it? It was sunny ten minutes ago.
  • There’s a problem with the car, isn’t there? What’s wrong with it?
  • Bill can’t drive, can he? I didn’t know that.
  • I’ve lost my key, haven’t I? When did you last have it?
  • There’s a film on TV tonight, isn’t there? Are you going to watch it?
  • I won’t be here next week, will I? Where will you be?
  • The clock isn’t working, is it? It was working yesterday.
  • These flowers are nice, aren’t they? Yes, what are they?
  • Jane was at the party, wasn’t she? Yes, but I didn’t speak to her.
  • You’ve been to Paris, haven’t you? Yes, many times.
  • You speak German, don’t you? Yes, but not very well.
  • Martin looks tired, doesn’t he? Yes, he works very hard.
  • You’ll help me, won’t you? Yes, of course I will.
  • You haven’t got a car, have you? No, I can’t drive.
  • You aren’t tired, are you? No, I feel fine.
  • Lisa is a very nice person, isn’t she? Yes, everybody likes her.
  • You can play the piano, can’t you? Yes, but I’m not very good.
  • The film wasn’t very good, was it? No, it was terrible.
  • You won’t tell anybody what I said, will you? No, of course not.

Question tags in the Present & the Past

We use do/does for the present simple, and did for the past simple:

  • I speak four languages, do I?
  • Ben doesn’t eat meat, does he?
  • Nicola got married last week, didn’t she?
  • I work in a bank, don’t I?
  • I didn’t go to work yesterday, did I?
  • Jane doesn’t like me, does she?
  • You look tired, don’t you?
  • Kate phoned me last night, didn’t she?
  • You were born in Italy. weren’t you?
  • I didn’t sleep well last night, did I?
    Was the bed uncomfortable?
  • I saw Paula last week, didn’t I?
    How is she?
  • Maria works in a factory, doesn’t she?
    What kind of factory?
  • You don’t know Mike’s sister, do you?
    No, I’ve never met her.
  • Sarah went to university, didn’t she?
    Yes, she studied psychology.
  • Anna lives near you, doesn’t she?
    That’s right. In the same street.

Let’s practice with positive to negative sentences:

  • It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?
    Yes, it’s perfect.
  • Kate lives in London, doesn’t she?
    Yes, that’s right.
  • You closed the window, didn’t you?
    Yes, I think so.
  • Those shoes are nice, aren’t they?
    Yes, very nice.
  • Tom will be here soon, won’t he?
    Yes, probably.

Let’s practice with negative to positive sentences:

  • That isn’t your car, is it?
    No, it’s my mother’s.
  • You haven’t met my mother, have you?
    No, I haven’t.
  • Helen doesn’t go out much, does she?
    No, she doesn’t.
  • You won’t be late, will you?
    No, I’m never late.

Let’s learn more about Question Tags with more Examples:

  • Do it yourself, won’t you?
  • No one will do it, will they?
  • Nobody will come here, will they?
  • Something is wrong here, isn’t it?
  • Someone will save us, won’t they?
  • Don’t go near that house, will you?
  • Everyone will come here, won’t they?
  • None of her students failed, did they?
  • Somebody will come here, won’t they?
  • Everybody does the homework, don’t they.
  • You haven’t seen this film, have you?
  • Your sister lives in Spain, doesn’t she?
  • He can’t drive, can he?
  • She‘s a doctor, isn’t she?
  • Yesterday was so much fun, wasn’t it?
  • He isn’t here, is he?
  • The trains are never on time, are they?
  • Nobody has called for me, have they?
  • don’t need to finish this today, do I?
  • James is working on that, isn’t he?
  • Your parents have retired, haven’t they?
  • The phone didn’t ring, did it?
  • It was raining that day, wasn’t it?
  • Your mum hadn’t met him before, had she?
  • The bus stop‘s over there, isn’t it?
  • None of those customers were happy, were they?

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