English Grammar 7 – Present Perfect – 100 Examples

When to use Present Perfect?

We use the Present perfect to:

  • To talk about achievements.
  • To talk about life experiences.
  • An action in the past, result in the present.
  • An action completed in the very recent past.
  • To talk about multiple actions repeated at different times.
  • An action started in the past and continuous in the present.
  • When there is a connection between the present and the past.
  • To talk about change over a period of time, contrasting the past with the present.

When to use the Past simple tense and the Present Perfect tense

Simply you need to think about time, Finished time and unfinished time.


Last week, yesterday, last month, last year, 1998.
These are all examples of finished time, (time that is complete) so you need to use the Past simple tense, with these examples.

This week, today, this year, this month.
These are all examples of unfinished time, so you need to use the Present perfect tense, with these examples.

Present Perfect Keywords

  • This + time. (this week, this month, this year.)
  • For: we use for with a period of time that continues until now.
    (for 56 years, for a month, for a few minutes, for half an hour, for ages, for hundreds of years).
  • Since: we use since with a point in the past. (since 7 o’clock, since 1984, since august, since last week, since I was born, since he arrived).
  • We also use it with times, like. many times, lately, recently, already.
  • Yet, never, always, so far.

Present Perfect Positive Form

Subject + have OR has + past participle [Verb 3] + complement.

You need to know more about irregular verbs, to use the Past Participle.


  1. I have = I’ve.
  2. You have = you’ve.
  3. We have = we’ve.
  4. They have = they’ve.
  5. She has = she’s.
  6. He has = he’s.
  7. It has = it’s.

P.P Positive Examples:

  • It has stooped raining.
  • I have just eaten lunch.
  • I have lost my passport.
  • My sister has gone to bed.
  • My parents have gone out.
  • Sami has read many books.
  • The climate has got warmer.
  • I have lived here for 7 years.
  • I have just called my mother.
  • I have visited my sister twice.
  • My father has bought new car.
  • Man has walked on the moon.
  • He has borrowed my car today.
  • I have known him for ten years.
  • I have had four exams this week.
  • I have seen this movie three times.
  • You have been really helpful today.
  • Shadie has lived in India since 2014.
  • We have learnt a new lesson today.
  • Sally has forgotten where her hotel is.
  • Adam has travelled all over the world.
  • We have won five matches this season.
  • The students have passed all the exams.
  • They have been married for three years.
  • He has saved enough money to buy a car.
  • They have made the exams more difficult.
  • Ami and Asha have cooked delicious food.
  • I have never stayed overnight in a hospital.
  • Aisha has been off school since last Monday.
  • My father has shopped here for many years.
  • Things have been better since I changed schools.
  • My father has had the same house for 19 years.
  • I have asked my parents to lend me some money.
  • The school has had that old microscope for years.
  • She has lived in five different countries in her life.
  • My parents have been marriedtwenty-five years.
  • Ibrahim has had his own PC for a few months now.
  • They have flown to the capital to meet with officials.
  • They have been friends since they were at primary school.
  • I have shared videos to Education Mania channel for 2 years.

Present Perfect Negative Form

Subject + have OR has + not + past participle [Verb 3] + complement.

Present Perfect Negative Examples

  1. She hasn’t gone out yet.
  2. We haven’t seen her today.
  3. She hasn’t heard from him.
  4. My cat has not drunk water.
  5. You haven’t won the contest.
  6. It has not rained for 3 months.
  7. The flight has not arrived yet.
  8. The team has not arrived yet.
  9. It has not snowed since Christmas.
  10. He hasn’t travelled overseas before.
  11. I have not spoken to Jehad for 3 days.
  12. I have not told my friend anything yet.
  13. My son has not washed up for a week.
  14. My wife has not slept since yesterday.
  15. I have not cooked a meal since Sunday.
  16. We have not had a holiday since Easter.
  17. My brother has not called for six months.
  18. Mari has not done any housework for a month.
  19. My children have not gone to the shopping center.
  20. We have not helped with shopping since Christmas.
  21. We have not received any email since we were retired.
  22. I have not seen you for a while. How are things going?
  23. My brother has not done any gardening for five months.
  24. Silvia has bought a new dress, but she hasn’t worn it yet.
  25. I’ve been to Canada, but I haven’t been to the United States.
  26. I have asked my teacher to help me, but he has not given me an answer.

Present Perfect Question Form

Have or has + subject + past participle + complement + ?

P.P Question Examples

  • Have you bought something for dinner? Yes, I have.
  • Have you fixed the TV? Yes, I have fixed it finally.
  • Have you mowed the lawn? No, I haven’t done yet.
  • Sally, have you seen Jack? Yes, I have. He has just taken the dog out for a walk.
  • Have you finished cleaning your car yet? Yes, I have.
  • Have your parents arrived yet? No, not yet. We’re still waiting for them.
  • Has Laura started her new job yet? No, she hasn’t.
  • Have you been to Saudi Arabia? Yes, I have many times.
  • Have you ever been to Syria? No, I have never been to Syria.
  • Have you read about dinosaurs before? Yes, I have.
  • Have you ever played golf? Yes, I play a lot.
  • Has your mother had dinner? Yes, she has.
  • Have you understood this tense? Yes, I have.
  • Has your grandmother taken her medicine? No, she has gone to bed.
  • Have you done your homework? Yes, I have.
  • Hello Alex, have we met before? I’m sorry, I don’t remember your name.
  • Have you ever studied English? Yes, I have.
  • Haven’t you had anything to eat yet? No, I have not.

Present Perfect WH Question Form

WH + Have or has + subject + past participle + complement + ?

P.P WH Question Examples

  1. How much has he won? He has won 5000$
  2. I can’t find my keys. Where have they gone? Your brother has taken them.
  3. Why haven’t you finished this work? I’ve been busy.
  4. What have you made for dinner? I’m sorry, I have not cooked anything.
  5. Where have you been?’ I have been at school.
  6. Why hasn’t Laura arrived?  Her car has broken down.
  7. Where have you been? I have been to the grocery store.
  8. How many times has Brazil won the World Cup? Brazil has won it 5 times.
  9. How long have you been married? I have been married for 16 years.
  10. What countries have you visited? I have visited UAE, and Saudi Arabia.
  11. Where has Tom been? Tom has been on vacation.
  12. Who has he talked with? He has talked to his teacher.
  13. How long have you lived in India? I have lived in India since 2009.
  14. Why hasn’t she finished? Because she has been very easy.
  15. How long have you had that coat? I have had it for 5 years.
  16. Where have you studied? I have studied at ABC college.
  17. Hi. sorry we’re late! How long have you been here? We’ve been here for 5 minutes.

Article in the Present Perfect tense

Emma’s a dancer. She performs in videos for pop groups. She has been a dancer for seven years. She had her first dance lesson when she was five. When she was eighteen, she moved to London and she joined a dance agency. I really love my job, she says. I’ve worked with some famous stars and I’ve learned a lot. I’m going to move to the United States because there are a lot of opportunities there. I’ve been there three times and I really like it.

Last time I went to some great classes and I met some interesting people. I’d really like to dance for somebody like Beyonce.