Pronouns and possessives 3 – Possessive pronouns

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The form of Possessive pronouns

  • I – mine.
  • We – ours.
  • You – yours.
  • He – his.
  • She – hers.
  • They – theirs.


  • It’s my book. – It’s mine.
  • It’s our house. – It’s ours.
  • It’s your key. – It’s yours.
  • It’s his laptop. – It’s his.
  • It’s her bag. – It’s hers.
  • It’s their car. – It’s theirs.

When to use Possessive pronouns?

To refer to possessions and to indicate ownership or something.

How to use Possessive pronouns?

  • We use mine/yours etc. without a noun:
    • Is this book mine or yours? (= my book or your book)
    • I didn’t have an umbrella, so Sarah gave me hers. (= her umbrella)
    • It’s their problem, not ours. (= not our problem)
    • We went in our car, and they went in theirs. (= their car)
  • We can use his with or without a noun:
    • Is this his camera or hers?’ ‘It’s his.
  • We use possessive pronouns (mine, yours, etc.) instead of my/your+ noun. Compare:
    • We’ve got our exams today and they’ve got theirs tomorrow.
    • That’s my bag. Where’ s yours?

Examples of Possessive pronouns

  • That car is mine.
  • The apple is yours.
  • This pen is hers.
  • The house is ours.
  • The books are theirs.
  • The cat is ours.
  • My room is bigger than hers.
  • This is a nice camera. Is it yours?
  • Excuse me, those seats are ours.
  • Those aren’t my keys. They’re yours.
  • This book belongs to me. It’s mine.
  • We can eat all of the food. It’s ours.
  • Please give this bag to Sarah. It is hers.
  • This cellphone is mine, not yours.
  • Which room is yours? (Your room).
  • That’s not my umbrella. Mine is black.
  • Whose books are these? Yours or mine?
  • Katy has a jacket like mine, but hers is grey.
  • I went to the cinema with a friend of mine.
  • They went on holiday with some friends of theirs.
  • She’s going out with a friend of hers.
  • We had dinner with some friends of ours.
  • I played tennis with a friend of mine.
  • Tom is going to meet a friend of his.
  • Can we use your washing machine? Ours isn’t working.
  • Don’t eat those sweets! They’re mine! (My sweets)
  • Those aren’t his glasses. They’re hers. (Her glasses)
  • Do you know those people? Are they friends of yours?
  • This is Tom’s watch and I think this wallet is his too.
  • I went out to meet a friend of mine. (not a friend of me)
  • Are those people friends of yours? (not friends of you)
  • My bag is here and his is under that seat. (His bag)
  • My suitcase is black and hers is blue. (Her suitcase)
  • This is my dictionary. Where’s yours? (Your dictionary)
  • Please give this DVD to Scott and Robert. It’s theirs. (Their DVD).
  • Tom was in the restaurant with a friend of his. (not a friend of him)
  • Their team colors are red and white and ours blue and white. (our colors)
  • Why are you worried about your exams? I’m not worried about mine. (my exams)

Questions & Answers about Possessive pronouns

  • Whose hat is this? It’s his.
  • Whose money is this? It’s yours.
  • Is this Sally’s bag? No, hers is blue.
  • Whose bags are these? They’re ours.
  • Which bag is yours? Mine is the gray one.
  • Whose camera is this? It’s hers.
  • Whose gloves are these? They’re mine.
  • Are these your shoes? No, mine are in the house.
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