How to use Pronouns with examples | my – me – mine

How to use pronouns! this lesson explains what they are and how to use them. We look at Subject pronouns, object pronouns, determiners, possessive pronouns and reflexive pronouns. This grammar guide also has some examples for all pronouns.

How to use Pronouns with: I, my, me, mine

  • I am 9 years old
  • I go to school every day
  • I live with my parents
  • My books are heavy
  • I go to school with my friends
  • My teacher is vey nice
  • My teacher advises me to study well
  • My parents give me money every day
  • Give me a cup of water please
  • These books are mine
  • Which one is mine?
  • It’s your money, not mine

How to use Pronouns with: You, your, yours.

  • I like your dress.
  • What is your name?.
  • That is your cat.
  • The cat is yours.
  • Is this yours, Mrs. Emma?.

How to use Pronouns with: He, His, Him.

  • This is a boy.
  • The boy wears a yellow shirt.
  • He is my friend.
  • He is kind.
  • He is a good boy.
  • He has a dog.
  • His name is Ken.
  • His shirt is yellow.
  • His shoes are brown.
  • The shoes are his.
  • That is his dog.
  • That dog is his.
  • I like him He is nice.
  • They could not give him any help..

How to use Pronouns with: She, her, hers.

  • This is a girl.
  • She wears a blue dress.
  • She is my friend.
  • She is kind.
  • She is a good girl.
  • She has a cat.
  • She wears gray shoes.
  • Her name is Mia.
  • Her dress is blue.
  • Her socks are red.
  • Her brother gave the dress to here.
  • That is her pencil.
  • The pencil is hers.
  • The blue dress is hers.

How to use Pronouns with: we, our, ours, us.

  • We are a family.
  • We always play together.
  • We love cats.
  • These are our balloons.
  • Our balloons are colorful.
  • The balloons are ours.
  • The cats like us, very much.
  • The cats play with us.
  • They make us happy.

They, them, their, theirs.

  • They are students.
  • They are Clever.
  • They have many books.
  • They like to read.
  • Their parents buy books for them.
  • Their teacher love them very much.
  • This is their teacher.
  • They learn from their books.
  • The blue book is theirs.

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