How to use Get in English | get got getting

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We can use get to mean

  • Obtain or receive: I got my car in 2006. She gets about fifty e-mails a day.
  • arrive’: He got home at six o’clock.
  • become’: Sorry we’re late, but we got lost.

How to use Get + noun

  • I got an email from Sam this morning. (= receive)
  • I like your sweater. Where did you get it? (= buy)
  • It’s hard to get a job at the moment. (= find)
  • Is Lisa here? Yes, I’ll get her for you.
  • Did you get my email? I sent it a week ago.
  • Where did you get your boots? They’re very nice.
  • Quick! This man is ill. We need to get a doctor.
  • I don’t want to walk home. Let’s get a taxi.
  • Tom has an interview tomorrow. I hope he gets the job.
  • When you go to the shop, can you get some milk?
  • Are you going to the concert?’ ‘Yes, if I can get a ticket.
  • Helen has got a well-paid job. She gets a good salary.
  • The weather is horrible here in winter. We get a lot of rain.
  • I’m going to get a new laptop. The one I have is too slow.
  • Where’s Karen?’ ‘She’s getting ready to go out.

How to use Get + transportation

get a bus = take a bus.
get a train = take a train.
get a taxi = take a taxi.

How to use Get + adjective

get hungry / get cold / get tired etc. = become.

  • If you don’t eat, you get hungry.
  • Drink your coffee. It’s getting cold.
  • I’m sorry your mother is ill. I hope she gets better soon.
  • We didn’t have a map, so we got lost.
  • It was raining very hard. We didn’t have an umbrella, so we got very wet.
  • Turn on the light. It’s getting dark.
  • I’m getting married next week.’ ‘Really? Congratulations!’
  • It’s getting late. It’s time to go home.
  • Don’t go out in the rain. You’ll get wet.
  • My brother got married last year. His wife’s name is Sarah.
  • Mark is always very calm. He never gets angry.
  • We tried to find the hotel, but we got lost.
  • Everybody wants to stay young, but we all get old.
  • Yesterday the weather wasn’t so good at first, but it got better during the day.

How to use get in English – Get to a place

get to a place = arrive
we use get here and get there without to
we use get home without to

  • I usually get to work before 8:30. (= arrive at work)
  • We left London at 10 o’clock and got to Manchester at 12:45.
  • How did you get here? By bus?
  • What time did you get home last night?
  • I left home at 7.30 and got to work at 8.15.
  • I left London at 10.15 and got to Bristol at 11.45.
  • I left the party at 11.15 and got home at midnight.
  • I left home at 8.30 and got to the airport at 10 o’clock.

How to use get in English get in, get out, get on, get off

  • I’ll got off the bus soon.
  • I got on the bus, and I sat down.
  • We will get on the bus in 5 minutes.
  • I made a stupid mistake. I got on the wrong train.
  • I want to get on another bus, but I have no more money.
  • I got off the bus and walked to my house from the bus stop.
  • Isabel got out of the car, shut the door and went into a shop.
  • A car stopped and a man got out. = (but A man got out of the car.)
  • We got on the bus outside the hotel and got off in Church Street.
  • Do we get off the bus at the post office? Is the cinema near there?
  • Do you want to go out tonight? What about going to the cinema?
  • Kate got in the car and drove away. = Kate got into the car and drove away.

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