English Grammar – Future continuous – 75 ex

The Future Continuous tense is often used in English as a way to talk about something happening at a given point in the future.

When to use the Future continuous?

We use future continuous for:

  1. Very formal requests.
  2. An event or a state at a future point.
  3. To talk about a continuous action in the future.
  4. Habits or repeated actions at a point in the future.
  5. Events that have already been arranged for a future date.
  6. To describe an activity in progress in the future, with a time reference.

Future continuous Keywords

  1. This time.
  2. Tomorrow, tonight.
  3. At + time. At 10:00.
  4. On + day. On Friday, on Sunday.
  5. By + time. By 3:00 o’clock tomorrow 
  6. In + season, or month. In summer, in June.
  7. At this time tomorrow, At this time next week.
  8. By this time tomorrow, By this time next week.
  9. Next + time. (next day, next week, next month, next year).

Future continuous Positive Form

Subject + will be + base verb  [verb 1] with ing [Ving] + complement.

Future continuous Positive Form Examples

  • I will be taking the test soon.
  • By 2033 I will be living in Indonesia.
  • They will be preparing for their final exams.
  • The company ABC will be arriving on Monday.
  • We will be having dinner when the movie starts.
  • It will be raining when you go to visit your sister.
  • This time next week, I’ll be taking my biology exam.
  • In the future, we’ll all be flying around using jetpacks.
  • This time next week I’ll be starting at my new school.
  • At 8:00 PM tonight, Sally will be washing the dishes.
  • By the end of this year, I will still be studying English.
  • The Rolling Stones will be performing in Moscow in June.
  • After 2 years from now, I will be working in this company.
  • Sami will be working in an importing company after 2 years.
  • My sister and I will be studying law in Italy after 3 months.
  • This time next week I’ll be travelling round India on business.
  • After five years from now, my teacher will be living in Moscow.
  • My children will be studying at private school for the next years.
  • This time next week, my parents will be laying on the beach in the Seychelles.
  • I think that, in the future, more and more people will be commuting to work by plan.
  • After 5 years Education Mania YouTube channel will be sharing new and more educational videos.

Future continuous Negative Form

Subject + will not be + base verb  [verb 1] with ing [Ving] + complement.

Remember: Will not be = won’t be

Future continuous Negative Form Examples

  • He will not be working tomorrow.
  • We will not be shopping on Friday.
  • We will not be working on Friday.
  • I won´t be singing the new song.
  • My son will not be reading before bed.
  • He will not be waiting for me at the airport.
  • will not be going to bed late tonight.
  • You won’t be doing much cooking this week.
  • My friend won’t be reading my emails anymore.
  • My wife will not be sleeping when I telephone her.
  • They will not be watching TV at 10pm tonight.
  • My father will not be cheering when the game ends.
  • She won’t be planning any trips until after graduation.
  • You won’t be taking photographs during the wedding.
  • They will not be telling us much about next week’s test.
  • They won’t be opening the library until 2:00 pm today.
  • The children will not be walking to school when it’s snowing.
  • You will not be waiting for her when her plane arrives tonight.

Future continuous Question Form

Will + Subject + be + base verb  [verb 1] with ing [Ving] + complement + ?

Short answer:

Yes, I will
No, I will not. Or, No, I won’t.

Future continuous Question Form Examples

  • Will he be traveling next month?
    Yes, he will.
  • Will you be waiting anything else, sir?
    No, I won’t.
  • Will your parents be living there?
    No, they won’t.
  • Will they be going home today or tomorrow?
    Yes, they will.
  • Will you still be waiting for her when her plane arrives?
    Yes, I will.
  • Will you be meditating tonight?
    I don’t think so, I’ll probably read a book.
  • Will you be playing with our team tomorrow?
    No, I won’t.
  • Will she be calling her boss when she comes?
    Yes, she will.
  • Will our mother be eating lunch with us?
    Yes, she will.
  • Will we be reading a new book today?
    No, we will be going to a picnic.
  • Will you be cleaning the house when I come?
    Yes, I will.
  • Will you be taking a class when I arrive?
    Yes, I will.
  • Will you be waiting for me?
    Sure, I will be here when you come back.
  • Will you be playing games tonight?
    Not sure, my phone isn’t working.
  • Will you be flying to Hawaii?
    I don’t think so, the tickets are very expensive.
  • Will we be practicing Yoga every morning?
    Yes, except on Tuesday.
  • Will we be getting a raise this year?
    If we meet our goals, we will.
  • Will you be reading any novels written by women this semester?
    Yes, I will. why not!.
  • Will Jon be speaking with his advisor this afternoon?
    Yes, he will.
  • Will the pilot be announcing updates during the flight?
    Yes, it will.
  • Will we be sleeping in cabins or tents on the camping trip?
    No, we won’t.
  • Will we be skiing in the mornings and the afternoons?
    No, we won’t.

Future continuous WH Question Form

WH + Will + Subject + be + base verb  [verb 1] with ing [Ving] + complement + ?

Future WH Question Form Examples

  1. What will you be doing in ten years?
    I will be having my special business.
  2. Where will Sam be working?
    He will be working at the supermarket.
  3. What will your sister be reading?
    She will be reading a story.
  4. Who will they be talking to?
    They will be talking to their grandparents.
  5. When will we be meeting Sally?
    We will be meeting Sally later tonight.
  6. What will you be doing in the ten years’ time?
    I will be starting my special project.
  7. What will you be doing at 10pm tonight?
    I will be sleeping tonight.
  8. What will you be doing when I arrive?
    I will be cooking for you.
  9. Which company will be working in?
    I will be working in ABC company.
  10. When will the presenters be making their presentations?
    Today at 10:00am.
  11. Where will he be staying when he is in Panama?
    At Hilton hotel.
  12. Where will they be playing their next match?
    in the school’s playground.
  13. Who will be taking you to the office?
    The company will be taking me to the office.
  14. With whom will you be working in the project?
    I will be working whit my team.

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