English Grammar – Future Perfect Tense & 51 examples

The Future Perfect tense is quite an easy tense to understand and use. The Future Perfect talks about the past in the future.

When to use the Future Perfect

  1. An action will be completed before a specific time in the future.
  2. An action will be completed before another action in the future.
  3. To look back from the future to an earlier event, often with by or by the time.
  4. An Action that not finished in the present, and we imagine it to be finished in the future.

Future Perfect Keywords

  1. By + time.
    [by tomorrow, by 2030, by next July, by 10:00, by Sunday, by next summer.]
  2. By the time.
    [By the of year, By the of month, By the of week.]
  3. Before.

Future Perfect Positive form

Subject + will have + past participle [Verb 3] + complement.

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Future Perfect Positive form Contraction:

  1. I will = I’ll.
  2. You will = you’ll.
  3. We will = we’ll.
  4. They will = they’ll.
  5. He will = he’ll.
  6. She will = she’ll.

Future Perfect Positive form Examples:

  • The snow will have stopped by April.
  • By 10:00 pm, we will have had dinner.
  • By 4:00 she will have given her presentation.
  • His arm will have fully healed by the summer.
  • Don’t call late tonight. I’ll have gone to bed by ten.
  • By the time we get home, the match will have begun.
  • Next January, we will have been married for 18 years.
  • We will have moved to Brazil by the beginning of May.
  • I will have finished my project by the end of this month.
  • They say that people will have landed on Mars by 2060.
  • By next February, we will have moved to the United States.
  • By the time she gets to the airport, the flight will have arrived.
  • By the time the exam begins, I will have forgotten everything.
  • Global temperatures will have risen by at least 1 ° C by the end.
  • By the time we graduate, we will have completed 4 years of study.
  • By next April, I will have started new job, and I will have bought a home.
  • In the few next years, our channel will have taught thousands of students.
  • Experts predict that half of today’s language will have disappeared by 2100.
  • By the time we perform the play on Saturday, we will have rehearsed it thirty times.
  • Before my father arrives, my brothers will have eaten dinner, and we will have gone to bed.
  • The Scientists and doctors say that the treatment of cancer will have improved enormously by 2029.

Future Perfect Negative Form

Subject + will not have + past participle [Verb 3] + complement.

Negative Form Contraction:

Will not = won’t.

Future Perfect Negative Form Examples:

  • You will not have eaten dinner by 7 pm.
  • I will not have finished work by 7:00 pm.
  • By noon, I will not have taken off to China.
  • I will not have travelled around the world.
  • I will not have finished this test by 3 o’clock.
  • He will not have left by eight, he gets up at 7:30.
  • I will not have graduated from university by June.
  • Mary will not have cleaned her house by 11:00 pm.
  • David will not have completed Katha within an hour.
  • My kids will not have done their homework by 10:00.
  • My students will not have played football in that field.
  • We will not have made any food by the time they arrive.
  • My parents will not have spoken before the plane leaves.
  • I will not have attended the program because of my busy schedule.
  • They will be tired when they arrive. They will not have slept for a long time.
  • You will not have perfected your English by the time you come back from the U.S.

Future Perfect Question Form

Will + Subject + have + past participle [Verb 3] + complement + ?

Question Form Short Answer:

Yes, I will have.
No, I will not have. Or No, I won’t have.

Future Perfect Question Form Examples:

  1. Will she have woken up by noon? No, she will not have.
  2. Will you have gone to work by 9:00? Yes, I will have.
  3. Will Anil have written his profile work? Yes, he will have.
  4. Will you have eaten when I pick you up? Yes, I will have.
  5. Will Sami have written the book within a month? Yes, he will have.
  6. Will you have started your course by the time I see you again? Yes, I will have.
  7. Will she have finished her report by Wednesday? No, she will not have.
  8. Will you have eaten by 9:00? No, I won’t have eaten because I’m working.

Future Perfect WH Question Form

WH + Will + Subject + have + past participle [Verb 3] + complement + ?

Future Perfect WH Question Form Examples:

  1. How will I have known that I have won a prize?
    You will receive an email giving full details.
  2. Where will you have traveled by November?
    I will have traveled to Mexico.
  3. What will they have done by the of the evening?
    They will have done their homework.
  4. Who will he have interviewed by 6 pm?
    He will have interviewed his manager by 6 pm.
  5. When will they have started to learn Math?
    They will have started to learn math in January.
  6. When will Asha have completed her work?
    She will have completed her work at 9:00 pm.

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