Difference Between Have and Have Got

Have VS. Have got

We can use have and have got. There is no difference in meaning:

Generally speaking, have is more common in North America and have got is more common in the United Kingdom.

Have got forms are informal, and they’re also most common in the present.

Learn how to use have, have to, have been, have & V3, have been & Ving


I have a car. (More formal)
I have got a car. (Informal.)

When to use have or have got?

Both have got and have mean the same thing.

We use have and have got to:

  •  Talk about Possessions and Relationships.
    I have a computer. I have got a computer.
    Adam has a brother. Or. Adam has got a brother.
  • To describe somebody: She has blue eyes. Or. She has got blue eyes.
  • To talk about illnesses: I have a headache. Or. I have got a headache.

have, has Contraction:

  • I have = I’ve.
  • You have = you’ve.
  • We have = we’ve.
  • They have = they’ve.
  • He has = he’s.
  • She has = she’s.
  • It has = It’s.

Have, have got Positive Sentence


We use: I, we, you and they with have.
We use: he, she and it with has.

Have | Has form:

Subject, + have, or has, + object.

Have got | Has got form:

Subject, + have got, or, has got, + object.

Have and have got Examples:

  • I have 3 sisters. I have got 3 sisters.
  • I have blue eyes. I have got blue eyes.
  • They have a new car. They have got a new car.
  • Liam has two sisters. Liam has got two sisters.
  • Everybody likes Tom. He has got a lot of friends.
  • I have a stomachache. I have got a stomachache.
  • Our car has four doors. Our car has got four doors.
  • I have a fast computer. I have got a fast computer.
  • Maria has two brothers. Maria has got two brothers.
  • Sally has a few problems. Sally has got a few problems.
  • My father has a new job. My father has got a new job.
  • My sister has five children. My sister has got five children.
  • We have a lot of work to do. We have got a lot of work to do.
  • Our house has a small garden. Our house has got a small garden.
  • Sarah is not feeling well. She has a headache.  She has got a headache.
  • My family likes animals. we have a horse, three dogs and six cats. or we have got a horse, three dogs and six cats.

Have, have got Negative Sentence

Have | Has form:

Subject, + do not, or, does not, + have, + object.

Have got | Has got form:

Subject, + have, or has, + not, + got, + object.


Do not = don’t.
Does not = doesn’t

Negative Sentence Examples

  • I don’t have a car. I have not got a car.
  • Sam doesn’t have a job. Sam has not got a job.
  • David doesn’t have a key. He has not got a key.
  • Sami has a flat, he doesn’t have a house or a garden.
  • I don’t have many clothes. I have not got many clothes.
  • Sarah doesn’t have a car. She goes everywhere by bike.
  • They don’t have any children. They have not got any children.
  • We like animals. we have three dogs, two cats and some birds.
  • I can’t get into the house. I don’t have a key. I have not got a key.
  • I’m not feeling very well. I have a headache. I have got a headache.
  • It’s a nice house, but it doesn’t have a garden. It has not got a garden.
  • She can’t open the door. She doesn’t have a key. She has not got a key.
  • I don’t have your phone number. I have not got your phone number.
  • Jack doesn’t have a job at the moment. Jack has not got a job at the moment.

Have, have got Question Sentence

Have | Has form:

Do, does + subject + have + object +?

Have got | Has got form:

Have, has + subject + got + object +?

Question Sentence Examples

  • Do you have a camera? No, I don’t.
  • Have you got a camera? No, I haven’t.
  • Does Luke have a car? Yes, he does.
  • Has Luke got a car? Yes, he has got.
  • What kind of car does he have? He has a BMW car.
  • What kind of car has he got? He has got a BMW car.
  • How many children do you have? I have 3 children.
  • How many children have you got? I have 3 children.
  • Do you have an umbrella? Yes, I do.
  • Does your father have a car? No, he doesn’t.
  • How much money do we have? We have a little money.
  • Have you got any money? Yes, I have got.
  • Do you have any money? Yes, I do.
  • Has Jaxon got a brother? Yes, he has got 2 brothers.
  • How many children have they got?  They have got 4 children.
  • Have you got any questions? No, I have not got any question.
  • Do you have any questions? No, I don’t have any question.
  • Does your family have a car? No, we don’t have a car.
  • Has your family got a car? No, we have not got a car.
  • Have you got a motorbike? No, I have got a car.
  • Have you got a hairbrush? Yes, I have got new one.
  • Does Easton have a brother? Yes, he has.

Have, have got Conversation

A: Have you got a cold?

B: Yes, And I have a terrible headache. Do you have any aspirin?

A: No, I have not. Sorry. Has Mari got any?

B: I don’t know, maybe.

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