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To blow up something (or blow something up) means to fill it with air; for example, a balloon, or a car or bicycle tyre.

Examples of use:

  • Can you blow these balloons up for the party, please?
  • The police station was blown up by terrorists.
  • The tyres on my bike need blowing up.

Blow up also means to suddenly lose your temper (get very angry).
Informal English.

Examples of use:

  • I broke her iPad and she blew up at me.
  • We were having a discussion about the accounts and he suddenly blew up and stormed out.
  • A crisis has blown up over the President’s latest speech.

When something blows up (or when somebody blows something up) it explodes.

Examples of use:

  • The family were injured when their house blew up because of a gas leak.
  • Fortunately the plane was empty when the hijackers blew it up.
  • A police officer was killed when his car blew up.

Verb expenses:

infinitive : blow up
present simple : blow up and blows up
-ing form : blowing up
past simple : blew up
past participle : blown up

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