43 Vocabulary Nouns in English – Meanings and examples

43 Collective Nouns in English
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WordMeaningExample sentence
activitiesthings to doThere are lots of activities that the whole family will enjoy.
architecturedesign of a buildingThe architecture of this building is typical of the Renaissance age.
art galleryplace to look at professional paintings and drawingsWe are going to visit the art gallery where local painters exhibit their art.
attractionsplaces for tourists to seeThe water park is our most recent attraction.
bearingsfeeling for understanding one’s location/surroundings in an unknown areaIf you’re having trouble getting your bearings just remember that the mountains are west.
business districtarea in a city that has many officesKeep in mind that this is the business district so that grocery store may be expensive.
castlea building for royaltyNo one has lived in this castle since the last king died twenty years ago.
churcha place to worship GodThe church is the central meeting place in this town.
conveniencesthings that make life easierThere you will find all of your conveniences, from suntan lotion to shampoo.
customsomething people of a region do oftenIt’s a custom to hang beads in the windows at this time of year.
en routeon the wayWhile we are en route to the hotel I will point out the beach and the golf course.
entertainment districta place where there are theatres and concert hallsIf you want to catch a movie while you’re here, the entertainment district is off to your left.
exceptionsomething/someone that does not follow the usual rules or expectationsWith the exception of Johnson Street, it is safe to walk around here at night.
exhibitionobjects (i.e. art) displayed for a short time for the public to viewIt may be tough to find parking with the car exhibition on this week.
grocery store/supermarketplace to buy food to take homeSince you have a kitchenette at your hotel you will need to know where the grocery store is.
highlightthe best partPeople often say that the highlight of their trip is the botanical gardens.
legenda person or story known for a long timeAccording to an old legend, a sea monster lives in this lake.
lobbyfront entranceWe will meet in the lobby at 8 am sharp.
localspeople who live in an areaThe locals are usually happy to show tourists around.
locationplace where something can be foundThis location is the best because you don’t need to bother renting a car.
mapshows roads and directions to placesI’ll give you each a map so you can follow along as we walk.
marketplace to buy fresh food and homemade itemsEvery Sunday there is a farmer’s market on Wade Street.
monumenta statue/structure that honors an event or personThis monument honors the men and women who died during the war.
museuma place where historical items are displayedThe museum charges a small fee for adults, but children are free.
necessitiesthings that people need for every day livingWe recommend that you only carry necessities in your purse and leave everything else at the hotel.
original statethe way something appeared from the beginningExcept for the roof, this home has been left in its original state.
photographpicture taken with a cameraYou may not take photographs here, but you can purchase a postcard.
postcarda card with a picture on one side(usually an object or place that tourists see) that can be mailed without an envelopeThe gift shop has many great souvenirs, such as postcards of the beautiful waterfalls.
questions or concernsthings that tourists may want to say or askThe plane almost missed the runway because it was such a bad storm.
requestsomething that has been asked for politelyThe driver has made a request that you throw all of your garbage in the bin at the front on your way out.
restaurant districtpart of a town/city with many places to eatYou will see there are many more eateries to choose from when we head to the restaurant district.
ritualtradition, custom, action (religious or cultural) that people do oftenIt is an old native ritual to dance during the sunrise.
scenerynatural beauty to look atIt is impossible to capture the beauty of this scenery in pictures.
settlerspeople who first made a home in an areaThe original settlers relied on oxen to carry their wares.
shopping districtarea of town where there are many storesYou may want to save some spending money because we’ll be visiting the shopping district this afternoon.
siteplace, locationThis is the site of a very famous battle.
stairway/stairwellsteps going up or downThe stairwell is very steep, so please watch your step.
street peoplepeople who live on the street, often begging for moneyYou may be surprised how many street people ask you for money.
surroundingsthings that you see around youI hope you enjoy the castle and its surroundings, including the secret garden.
voicethe sound you make when speakingI apologize for my voice today as I have a bit of a cold.
vouchera piece of paper that shows you have paidDon’t forget to bring your voucher for a free coffee in the hotel lobby.
waterfrontpiece of land next to an ocean, lake, or riverThere will be plenty of live entertainment down at the waterfront.
windowglass that you look outWe can peer in the window but I think they are probably closed for the day.
List of Vocabulary Nouns in English

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